Reports to: Director of Business Development and Management


General Description: The focus of the position is on developing new customers to identify new opportunities for Acoustiguide products and services and manage a portfolio of existing clients.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Research and identify prospects and follow-up on all aspects of new business development (cold calling, emails, site visits)

  • Presentation of products and services to existing and potential clients

  • Develop budgets, price quotes and negotiate contractual agreements

  • Create thoughtful, well-written and visually appealing proposals

  • Regular travel to meet with and present to prospects and clients

  • Manage outstanding proposals and convert to contracted sales

  • Assist clients with on-site marketing strategies

  • Collaborate with creative team to deliver content on-time

  • Serve as primary liaison with client and Acoustiguide operations team for initial set up and long-term maintenance of equipment

  • Other reasonably related duties as assigned


  • Sales, marketing and presentation experience

  • 3 - 5 years sales experience required

  • Working knowledge of Salesforce, Basecamp, JIRA, Microsoft Office, Adobe Software Suite

  • High comfort level and demonstrated experience with technology and digital media, including Apple and Android handheld devices, smartphone applications, and CMS platforms

  • Outstanding written and verbal communications and organization skills.  

  • Must be detail-oriented and able to multi-task

  • Excellent communication, listening and presentation skills

  • Bachelor’s degree


If interested, please send resume and cover letter including salary requirements to:



Acoustiguide Group, an International company headquartered in Israel with subsidiaries across the globe, is seeking to recruit a well-experienced and brilliant General Manager for its subsidiary in China.

Reports to Acoustiguide Group Executive Chairman .
General Description: The focus of the position is on identifying new opportunities for Acoustiguide technologies and solutions; approaching potential clients and partners, and verifying high level quality of service to clients.

Acoustiguide集团, 一个国际化公司总部位於以色列,分公司遍布全球。我们正在诚招富有经验及杰出的中国分公司总经理。
职位描述: 着重在Acoustiguide科技与解决方案确定新的机会;与潜在客户和合伙人对接,以及高端服务。


  • Over 5 years proven experience as Head of teams of at least 25 employees
  • Well acquainted and experienced with New Media
  • Fluent Chinese and very good English
  • Working experience in the tourism and/or entertainment markets is advantageous
  • Working experience with or for an international firm is also advantageous
  • Location: Shanghai or Beijing/Tianjin
  • Knowledge and working experience in forming and controlling budget and cash flow.



  • 五年以上领导25人以上的团队经验
  • 熟悉多媒体领域
  • 流利的中文、英文
  • 旅游行业和/或娱乐市场工作经验者优先考虑
  • 有海外工作经历和/或曾任职外企者优先考虑
  • 具备预算管控及现金流知识与经验
  • 地点:上海或北京/天津

Relevant candidates, please send resume and cover letter to:



Acoustiguide Group, an International company head quartered in Israel with a subsidiary in Jiashan China, is seeking to recruit a head of office to be based in Chengdu.
Reports to Acoustiguide China CEO.
General Description: The focus of the position is on approaching potential customers and identifying new opportunities for Acoustiguide products and services, as well as supporting the operation in the region.


Acoustiguide 集团是一个总部在以色列的国际化公司,现为中国的总部:爱可声(嘉善)信息技术有限公司招聘成都办公室负责人,直接汇报对象:中国公司的CEO。



  • At least 3 years proven experience in Sales and Marketing
  • Great client relations
  • Very good English
  • Dynamic abilities
  • Leadership capabilities in order to build local team
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Understanding of digital media



  • 至少三年以上的市场及销售经验
  • 拥有很好的客户关系能力
  • 良好的英语技能
  • 工作有激情和活力
  • 有一定的领导能力,能支持和带好团队
  • 很强的沟通和表达能力
  • 对数字媒体有一定的了解


Relevant candidates, please send resume and cover letter to:




Acoustiguide France: Nous ne créons pas simplement des visites audio, nous apportons une approche globale et concertée pour des groupes, des personnes et des institutions pour la création ou l'amélioration d'une nouvelle approche du tourisme. Notre équipe a beaucoup d'implication dans son travail. Dès le premier appel téléphonique puis tout au long du processus créatif avec nos rédacteurs et nos concepteurs de logiciels, nous cherchons toujours à apporter votre visiteur la meilleure UX possible.


Description de l'offre:
2 postes à pourvoir :
bilingue en chinois (mandarin)
bilingue en portugais


très grand projet de traduction et de suivi des enregistrements de 6 à 8 mois, avec contr^le qualité des traductions et de senregistrements
réunions avec les clients hebo ou bi hebdo à Paris à prévoir.
cursus en histoire de l'art /ou archéologie exigé (école du Louvre souhaitée).


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